Free Health Clinic

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Our Story

Our Founder:

Rotarian Roger Bouck was one of those extraordinary people we may meet once or twice in a lifetime.

After a life-threatening auto accident, he resolved to devote the rest of his life to service. He was a mediator at Boeing who, after he retired, participated in the Boeing Bluebills and among other activities, he volunteered at the Lake City Food Bank. 

While there, he observed that many who needed food also needed medical care. At that point, he decided to start a free medical clinic.

In 2006, he persuaded North Helpline to provide RotaCare with 480 square feet of space in the old Lake City Firehouse, where the food bank was also located. In 2010, RotaCare moved into 2,400 square ft. space within the new McDermott Place Low Income Housing Building, where North Helpline Food Bank and Emergency Services are currently located.

Rotary clubs of Lake Forest Park and Shoreline, along with many other community collaborators,  agreed to underwrite the project. Rotarian and architect Marlin Gabbert designed both spaces. Other Rotarians helped put up walls and paint.

Roger invited several doctors, nurses and a pharmacist to join him. He negotiated with Northwest Hospital to provide labs and imaging at no charge to patients. He also obtained donated medical equipment and supplies. Roger accomplished all of this while battling lung cancer.

Knowing his time was limited, he recruited Rotarian Greg Schaeffer as board president. Greg was a specialist in health care IT. His wife, Karen Schaeffer, has training and experience managing non-profits. She is now President and Greg is  Treasurer of the Advisory Board.

During his last year of life, he carried a portable oxygen supply, but never lost his good humor. We remember his buoyant spirit and dedication as we carry on his work.